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In some ways, Triton Extreme is to Triton Studio what Triton LE was to the original Triton: it repackages the essence of the Studio at a significantly lower price point. However, while it loses a handful of Studio features, Extreme has been enhanced in a number of ways. For example, gone is Studio's SCSI connector, but in its place are two USB sockets, joined by a Compact Flash/Microdrive memory card slot. More significantly, perhaps, Extreme has a lot more samples in ROM — 160MB to Studio's 48MB. In fact, the new instrument's overall value for money is enhanced since the extra waveforms are largely sourced from previously optional PCM cards: the piano, orchestral, Trance Attack and Vintage Archive cards are represented in their entirety, whilst Dance Extreme, Studio Essentials and Pianos/Classic Keyboards are present in 'best of' form. At £155 a card (£275 for the double orchestral set), that's a significant example of added value. In addition, Triton Extreme includes a load of new sa

Korg Extreme 88

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