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About Ron

Ron Martyn is from USA and raised in Southern California. He had a natural love for music as far back as his mother can remember. She recalls Ron Playing piano and organ as early as 9 years old.
Ron is heavily in to Electronic music. Ron is a video producer, songwriter, music producer and artist. He writes many different genres with collaborate different artist. Ron runs both Mac and PC and running a lot of Virtual instruments that give him a full library of sounds.


I love to collaborate with other Artist, Audio producers, Video producer, dancers etc...The fun part about collaborating is giving everyone the freedom to be creative and their ideas heard.When writing songs I’ll usually sit at the piano and I’ll play a chord progression/or part of the track with the Artist and we either decide to change something or leave it. I will sometimes have a melody added to the verse and chorus for a starting point but give the artist the freedom to be creative. Most artist will start singing a melody straight away. I like to be decisive, so once we have a chord sequence and a melody we stick to it. We don’t really fussover it too much. After that, I’ll start building the song arrangement, playing or programming drums and then the rest of the arrangement and creating a vibe, We will start thinking what the song is aboutand write the lyrics. A lot of the time we will have recorded our initial attempts on phones or CD to listen to in the car and we will listen to what we did and work with that.


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