Homewrecker (Official Video)

Feat:Rain Bisou Produced by Ron Martyn

(Official Video)

Music and Video by Ron Martyn

"You Can Do It"
(Offical Video)

Feat:Rain Bisou Produced by Ron Martyn


Collaboration Projects


#1 You Can Do it (Rain Bisou)


#2 Homewrecker (Rain Bisou)


#3 My World (Kimberly Lola)


#4 Almost (Brigitte Rios Purdy)


#5 Lift Me Up (Day Day King/Brigitte Rios Purdy)


#6 I'm Not Well (Sabrina Petrini)


#7 Old Generation (Pat Cowen)


#8 The Heat (Steve Gelardi)


#9 Feeling Free (Brigitte Purdy)


#10 Bubble Bath

Ron's Solo Tracks


#1 Victory Dance


#2 Door Stop


#3 The Kid


#4 Drop It


#5 Ham and Rye


#6 Roland Keytar


#7 Look Within


#8 Traveling


#9 Dubstep


#10 Piano Dawn

"Drop It"

EDM Feat: Sandy Sledge (Drums) and Vivi Rama. We were able to combine acoustic and electronic music.
Sandy Kaye Sledge Songwriter, Drummer and founded the group Sledge/Leather Project (a Californian heavy metal group) and Vivi Rama who has toured with Orianthi,, Macy Gray, Jordin Sparks.


Inspiration. Piano piece


Chill out to to smooth vocals of Brigitte Rios Purdy

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