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Batband is a headband that transmits sound through your skull bones. Think that sounds weird? And that the earless headphones look even weirder? Agreed, but...a few points:

    Bone conduction technology isn't new, not even to the world of personal listening devices. They've been using it for a while--at least since July 19, 2014 when I wrote about it--to support underwater MP3 players.
    Everyone was weirded out by Bluetooth headsets, and especially their talking-to-the-air wearers, when they first came out too. Now the devices are as commonplace as the smartphones they connect to. Some are even slick, fashionable accessories.
    Batband is a Studio Banana Things invention. Studio Banana Things also makes the Ostrich Pillow. "Weird" is kind of their thing.

In addition to getting their jollies out of designing a product that vibrates your bones with sound and looks like something we'd see on Star Trek, Studio Banana Things created Batband to enable people to listen to a "private s

Batband Earless Headphones

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